About Vitamins Now

Vitamins Now was started by  Brian Mander almost 10 years ago for the purpose of sharing his experiences and beliefs about becoming healthier simply by making one change at a time in your lifestyle. 


The categories chosen in the menu above  are meant to help you focus on a few key areas in your life that can make an immediate difference.


Read through them and take time to think about how you can apply the suggestions to your life.


Most of what is written is focusing on eliminating the bad and increasing the good things we do for ourselves. 


Our habits and attachments to certain beliefs about food and exercise contribute to our attitude today.  Our attitude determines our lifestyle and the priorities we give to our health and the things we feel strongly about.


We want you to feel comfortable to share your ideas with us and tell us what's working for you and why you think the way you do. 

Feel free to send me an e mail directly and I would be more than happy to discuss the challenges and wrong beliefs I have overcome as  well as the confidence I have gained  by trusting in myself one step at a time.


Best regards in your journey to a healthy lifestyle,

Brian Mander


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