The Importance of Hydrating your Body

Water is the the most important thing for our bodies because we are made of mostly water. Pure water nourishes our body cells and allows everything to repair itself when it gets overworked or fatigued. Drink water to feel energized.

Many people overeat and gain a lot of weight because they think they are hungry when really they are just dehydrated.  Try adjusting your habits and replace some of your beverages such as coffee, alcohol and soda pop with pure water. You will lose weight and feel a burst of energy.

You will look better,think better and be more relaxed. All of your body organs will function better and you will have a more optimistic attitude to the variety of opportunities and challenges you face each day. 


Your relationships will become better because your thinking will  change and you will be more confident in yourself.  Once you hydrate your body and remain hydrated you will eat less food and make better choices in  the food you purchase, eating less and saving you  tons of money.

Its important to recognize some of the signs of dehydration. If you experience a dry mouth,

or fatigue and dizziness that's a sign your already dehydrated. Also if your urine is not clear, that's another sign.

Simple things like drinking plenty of water are so important for your overall health. Its costs you nothing and will do you so much good. 

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